Events, Gatherings and Conferences

The FIU participates in so many gatherings and conferences (locally, regionally and internationally) meant to develop and implement policies and trends of AML/CFT activities and the invented mechanisms to fight such crimes, as well as urging jurisdictions for more international cooperation, information sharing and mutual technical assistance between FIUs. The FIU – Oman is very keen to participate in such gatherings and conferences arranged by the financial action taskforces, such as FATF and MEANAFATF, in coordination with the National Committee for Combating Money Laundering and Terrorism Financing (NCCMLTF).

Local Events

Subject of GatheringDate
Meeting with the Financial Institutions (Banks & Exchange Firms)14/03/2012
Meeting with the Secretariat General of Taxation at the Ministry of Finance17/03/2012
Meeting with Banks Development Department at CBO03/04/2012
Meeting with the State Financial and Administrative Audit Institution08/04/2012
Meeting with Compliance Officers (Banks & Exchange firms)22/07/2012
Meeting with the Financial Institutions (Banks)27/08/2012
Meeting with the Financial Institutions (Exchange Firms)28/08/2012
Meeting with Financing and Insurance Companies04/09/2012
The Conference on Combating Financial Crimes02-03/10/2012


(25/4/2012) - Oman Arab Bank Organized a Seminar on Procedures for Detecting Suspicious Transactions. (more details)

(11/4/2012) - The Financial Intelligence Unit Warns Against the Use of Bank Accounts for Receiving Suspicious Funds. (more details)

(7/4/2012) - AML/CTF National Committee Organizes an Awareness Raising Meeting for Law Enforcement Agencies. (more details)

(26/3/2012) - Workshop Held on Tackling Money Laundering & Terrorism Financing to Raise Awareness within Financial Institutions. (more details)

(24/3/2012) - A Newspaper Interview with the Director of the FIU. (more details)

(12/3/2012) - Campaign Against Money Laundering Held at Capital Market Authority. (more details)

(7/3/2012) - FIU Holds a Meeting with Compliance Officers from the Financial Sector. (more details)

(7/12/2011) - Bank Muscat and FIU host anti-money laundering and terrorism financing combating seminar with stress on training and awareness in all institutions for tackling the financial crime. (more details)

International Events

Subject of GatheringDateLocation
MEANAFATF 7th General Meeting09/04/2008Abu Dhabi – UAE
MEANAFATF 8th General Meeting on AML/CFT09/11/2008 - 13/11/2008Al Fujairah - UAE
MEANAFATF 9th General Meeting 18/05/2009 - 20/05/2009Kingdom of Bahrain
Organizational Meeting of FATF and Egmont Committee19/10/2009 - 22/10/2009Kuala Lumpur- Malaysia
MEANAFATF 10th General Meeting09/11/2009 - 12/11/2009Lebanon
A Conference on the Importance of Fighting Financial Crimes06/12/2009 - 08/12/2009Kuwait
The Mutual Meeting of MEANAFATF15/02/2010 - 19/02/2010Abu Dhabi – UAE
- MEANAFATF 11th General, Meeting
- The meeting of the members FIUs and
- The meeting of the workgroups
01/05/2010 - 05/05/2010Tunisia
MEANAFATF 12th General Meeting27/11/2010 - 02/12/2010Qatar
Meeting With the Mutual Assessment Team for the Systems of AML/CTF14/03/2011 - 16/03/2011Kingdom of Bahrain
MEANAFATF 13th General Meeting 29/04/2011 - 03/05/2011Kuwait
The 1st Joint FATF-GAFISUD Plenary Meeting22/06/2011 - 24/06/2011Mexico
Workshop on AML/CFT05/03/2012 - 07/03/2012Austria
MENAFATF 15th General Meeting28/04/2012 - 30/04/2012Saudi Arabia
FATF’S Plenary Meeting 18/06/2012 - 22/06/2012Italy
The Arab Forum on Asset Recovery11/09/2012 - 13/09/2012Qatar
The Meeting of the Mutual Assessment Team for the Republic of Sudan23/09/2012 - 24/09/2012Bahrain
A Workshop on the Revised FATF Recommendations29/09/2012 - 30/09/2012Saudi Arabia
The 8th Annual Government Conference - Palantir23/10/2012United States of America